Rolo screen fabric is produced out of special type of fyberglass or PVC material. It is made with a unique weaving technology that offers wide range of sun block materials. This material protects  from heat, sun rays up to 82% depending on the color and the type of fabric. It also protects from UV radiation up to 92%. It creates contrast and brightnes control and the control over the level of light passing in to enterieurs. Most importantly it supports the european standards M1, Fr i B1. The fabric is antistatic with low maintenance, nonflammable and self-extinguishing. For an option of total darkening of the enterieur there is BLACK OUT fabric.
Previous research on the feasibility of installation of SCREEN materials have shown that there is a resonable saveing in electric energy  when air conditioning system is working.
Cutting and tailoring of the material is performed with technology of cold cut with melted edges.
System of cold melting of the  PVC components in the material allows durability and prevents mechanical damage of the edges. Expected lifetime of the material is 20 years.

Screen rolo